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6 March 2000

- I am no longer taking direct orders.  All order must be through either of my two distributors Creative Concepts or Road Race Engineering.  Normally both of them will be supplied on an equal basis however it is always possible one will have more or less based on their own order volume versus my supply rate.

- I am currently back in full production mode.  I was out of enclosures for a while but as of yesterday i recieved 170 of them.  In addition they are very very nice looking.  The fit and finish is far better than the previous batch which improves the asthetics and my production load.  I am however running short on circuit boards and am actively working with my supplier to get them as soon as possible.  I currently have enough boards for 72 meters.

- Road Race Engineering will be getting the first batch of 25 approximatly 12 March 00 and then Creative Concepts will get the next 25 2-3 weeks later.

- Thank you for your interest in Jumptronix meters.

Alex Anastasiou
Jumptronix (tm)