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Q: How big is the meter?
A: 3"L x 1.25"W x 2"D

Q: Will it work on [insert your car here]?
A: The Jumptronix meter will work on any car equipped with an Oxygen sensor used to measure the air-fuel ratio that outputs 0-1v.

Q: What cars do you have wiring instructions for?
A: Currently I only have instructions for all Talon/Eclipse/Laser (aka DSM's).

Q: Is it back lit?
A: Yes, it is very visible at night.

Q: Can I turn the meter off?
A: No, there is no power switch included.  If enough people ask for it I may add one.   But this will raise the cost and I am trying to keep that down.

Q: Can I turn the light off?
A: No. The back light is just bright enough at night to be visible but not annoying, and during the day it is not noticeable at all.  So really all that might be needed is a power switch since at night with the light off, you might as well power it down.

Q: Can I control the light with my headlight switch?
A: No, see the above answer.  And it would require the use of a relay inside the unit raising cost.

Q: Can it be wired to use the cars dimmer knob?
A: No, or at least not for a price you would be willing to pay :)

Q: Is it visible in direct sunlight
A: Yes.

Q: Where can I install it?
A: The recommended spot is on the steering column.  This placement affords great visibility, while not being in the way.  You may also install it in any space where you can cut a 2"L x 1"W x 2"D hole (special ordering instructions needed).  This includes a gauge pod, but will require you to figure out yourself how to actually mount it.  I can only supply you with the guts of the meter.  It would fit perfect in the 1g center vent pods, and can be made to install in a 2g vent.  The options are only limited by your imagination, but I only offer a "finished" product as shown in the box in the pictures.

Q: How hard is it to install?
A: Installation on the steering column is very simple.  Three wires tapped at the ECU and two pieces of Velcro and you are done. Only basic hand tools are needed. You can view the online instructions here: AF Meter Installation Instructions

Q: How hard is it to tune?
A: This meter is a monitoring device ONLY.  It can not tune your car.  You must have your own way of adjusting the air/fuel ratio.  If you are unsure of the actual use of this meter, you should consider learning a bit more about modding and tuning before purchasing.  I can not be responsible if you misuse this product and destroy your car.

Q: How accurate is it?
A: The meter displays 2 decimal places and is calibrated to +/- 0.005 @ 2.000 volts.

Q: Does it effect the voltage the ECU sees?
A: NO. Testing has shown that the meter has no measurable effect on the voltage source it is measuring.

Q: Do I need to buy anything else to install this meter?
A: No.  All installation hardware is included for steering column mounting. 

Q: Why do datalogger and the Jumptronix not always agree
A: To be honest I do not know.  What i can tell you is that for any given car the offset has always appeard to be consistent, linear, and repeatable.  So as long as you know what voltage your car is supposed to run at when read by the meter then you can still use it as a tuning tool to observe changes in the fuel ratio.  The commonly accepted theory for the difference is that the voltage given by datalogger is the result of a conversion from the analog sensor into a data stream and that their is either some correction factor given or simply a potential difference in the analog to digital converter.  In either case the important thing is that you can use either or both values so long as you know what you want to be tuned for and then use that as your point of reference.