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The Jumptronix Air Fuel Ratio Meter (AFM) allows you to accurately monitor your fuel ratio via the oxygen sensor output sent to the ECU.   Unlike other meters which use a bar graph format with a 0.1v resolution, this unit uses a numeric display with a 0.01v resolution so you precisely know your oxygen sensor voltage. Essential information if you want to tune your car for that extra bit of performance since the difference of 0.1v could mean the difference between winning the race or buying a new engine.

Another feature of the the Jumptronix AFM is as a Battery Voltage Monitor so you can see if your battery is weak or your alternator is starting to go.  All at the flip of a switch.

What makes the Jumptronix AFM different when compared to the usual racer stand-bye, the Fluke Digital Volt Meter, is that it is powered by the car rather than internal batteries.  Batteries that die about every week in the summer heat.  In addition, many other commercially availble automotive fuel ratio meters only use 10 - 20 LED's to display the information you need.  The problem with this is that typically you do not know what voltage each LED relates to and even if you did with 20 LED's you only have a resolution of 0.05 volts (0.1v with 10 LED's).  So you don't know if you are running 0.86 or 0.81; many times the difference between running fast and towing home. With the Jumptronix you can see those differences and adjust accordingly.

Most important of all, the meter has a back light for those night time races. This single feature alone is what motivated me to build the meter for myself and then for others.